Rural Health Awards

Annual Nebraska Rural Health Awards

Each year, the Nebraska Rural Health Association honors people who have contributed to rural health care through leadership at its annual conference. These awards recognize individuals and organizations who take on leadership roles in health care and their communities. Prior to each annual conference, the Nebraska Rural Health Association solicits nominations for four awards and your input is very valuable to us.

Annual Awards

Outstanding Rural Health Practitioner Award

The Outstanding Rural Health Practitioner Award recognizes an individual who is a direct service provider and who provides direct patient care such as physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and others. This individual must exhibit outstanding leadership in bringing and/or improving health services in rural Nebraska. Factors taken into consideration include providing outstanding care; collaboration and multi-disciplinary teamwork; involvement in the community; involvement in education; and lasting contribution to the rural health care system.

Outstanding Rural Health Achievement Award

The Outstanding Rural Health Achievement Award recognizes an individual in the health care industry for leadership and noteworthy initiative in promoting the development of community oriented rural health care delivery. Factors for selection should include: distinctive efforts to promote and/or improve rural health care and provide lasting contributions to health care. This award recognizes noteworthy initiatives in the development of community-oriented rural health care delivery.

Rural Health Distinctive Advocate Award

The Rural Health Advocacy Award recognizes an elected representative in Nebraska who has significantly contributed to improving rural health. Award candidates are distinguished by their efforts in legislative advocacy, funding acquisition for rural health projects, or the implementation of policies enhancing health service quality and accessibility. Through initiatives such as impactful legislation, community engagement, or advocacy for rural health priorities, these leaders ensure rural health issues are a focal point in policy discussions. Nominees are individuals informed about rural health challenges, actively working towards constructive solutions that address these issues, thereby making a lasting impact on Nebraska’s rural health care landscape. This award celebrates the dedication and leadership of elected officials in championing the health and wellbeing of rural communities.

Rural Health Emerging Leader Award

The Rural Health Emerging Leader Award recognizes an individual who has made meaningful contributions to their organization or the health of their community early in their career. The awardee can be a professional with less than five years’ experience in a health-related profession or a high school or college student. The award is meant to recognize up-and-coming leaders for their dedication to rural health and demonstrated potential for leadership and continued service.

NRHA Awards Event Celebrating Excellence in Rural Health

Each year NRHA honors outstanding individuals and organizations in the field of rural health who have dedicated their time and talents to improving the health and well-being of others. Previous recipients have stretched the boundaries of possibility by forging innovative programs and services, making rural life healthier and more compassionate.

Selections are made on the basis of a 300-500 word narrative, which is part of the nomination form. To ensure accountability, either the nominee or nominator must have a connection to NRHA through membership. Each year, NRHA hosts a luncheon in honor of the Rural Health Award winners, at which time the awardees are presented with a commemorative gift before approximately 1,000 rural health peers.