Policy Hub

State Legislation

The core components of NeRHA’s state policy and advocacy program are the following:

  • Review bills and proposed regulations
  • Take positions on bills and proposed regulations
  • Monitor policy trends
  • Establish relationships with state and local policymakers
  • Communicate policy information to the broadest audience
  • Serve as a conduit of information

Current Bills We’re Tracking:


Links to information on current state legislation:

Federal Legislation

The health care system in the United States is undertaking a monumental change and to ensure 62 million Americans living in rural and underserved populations are not left behind, NeRHA coordinates grassroots efforts with the National Rural Health Association. (NRHA) Congress must be reminded that, while coverage is important, access to coverage is the bigger hurdle rural Americans face. It is great to be covered, but without a provider, coverage means nothing.

NeRHA advocates the Association’s federal legislative and regulatory policies and positions before the Congress and federal agencies . The Association serves as one of the primary rural resources to elected officials, policy leaders, and other organizations on issues related to federally sponsored rural health initiatives and programs.

Links to information on current federal legislation:

Share Your Priorities

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