A Few Words About the Nebraska Rural Health Association

Soybean field lit almost orange during sunset, with background of blue sky and some clouds.

A Nebraska Soybean field lit almost orange during sunset, with background of blue sky and some clouds.

The Nebraska Rural Health Association was formed in 1990, an outgrowth of the developing vision of many individuals and organizations who recognized the value of uniting to support rural health care throughout the state of Nebraska.

The NeRHA is a non-profit, grassroots, member-driven organization. A membership with us includes a variety of people and organizations that are interested in the health of rural Nebraskans throughout the state. The NeRHA membership works together to identify health concerns of rural Nebraska and to find ways to improve services in our communities.

NeRHA is a strong advocate for enhanced access, quality and stability for rural health services. We advocate for empowering all Nebraskans to advance their quality of life, their well-being and their access to excellence in rural health care.

The obstacles faced by health care providers and patients in rural areas are vastly different than those in urban areas. Rural Americans face a unique combination of factors that create disparities in health care not found in urban areas. Economic factors, cultural and social differences, educational shortcomings, lack of recognition by legislators and the sheer isolation of living in remote rural areas all conspire to impede rural Americans in their struggle to lead a normal, healthy life

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the
leading advocate for the improved health of rural Nebraskans.

Our Mission

We will bring together diverse interests and provide a unified voice to promote and enhance the quality of rural health.

Our Priorities

We will accomplish our mission through leadership, advocacy, coalition building, education and communication.

The National Rural Health Association


The National Rural Health Association (NRHA) is a national nonprofit membership organization with more than 20,000 members. The association’s mission is to provide leadership on rural health issues through advocacy, communications, education and research. NRHA membership consists of a diverse collection of individuals and organizations, all of whom share the common bond of an interest in rural health.

The National Rural Health Association works closely with all with all state rural health associations (SRHA), like Nebraska, to ensure they have the skills and resources required to assess the needs in their state and create and implement programs to address them. Each SRHA focuses exclusively on improving the health and well-being of rural Americans living in their state, and also serves as a conduit for rural communities to communicate needs and successes at a regional and national level.

Our Staff