Rural Hospital Grows and Renovates to Meet Needs of Community

Lexington Regional Health Center located in Lexington, Nebraska currently operates a 25 bed acute care hospital, physician’s clinic, pharmacy, community health and fitness center, and a retirement village.  The hospital, originally constructed in 1976, was initially focused on inpatient services.  Hospital services have now shifted to focus primarily on outpatient services to meet the needs of the community.  The hospital not only needed upgrades to accommodate the shift in focus, but also needed structural and equipment upgrades to meet industry standards.  There was a lack in privacy for patients at the pre/post operation staging area, patient rooms were not up to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, there was a serious disconnect between the surgery center and the pre/post operation staging area, the dietary and patient wing did not have a fire sprinkler system installed, and the air handling system in the patient rooms did not maintain adequate climate control.

USDA Rural Development provided a total of $15 million in loan funds, combined with $5 million from Great Western Bank and $4.8 million provided by Lexington Regional Health Center to fund the $24.8 million project. The loan funds and other contributions allowed Lexington Regional Health Center to build a surgery addition with three additional operating rooms and patient prep and recovery rooms, an outpatient clinic with 14 exam rooms and a business center/reception area, and to create a separate surgery and outpatient entrance.  The funds also  allowed them to add a new air handling system for the patient rooms, renovate patient rooms and bring them up to ADA standards, install a fire sprinkler system in the patient and dietary areas, and many more renovations to assist Lexington Regional Health Center in providing excellent care.

The assistance provided by USDA Rural Development has allowed Lexington Regional Health Center to fulfill their mission of optimizing the health of their patients and community through innovation and excellence in care.

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