Board of Directors



Noah Knisely
(Term 1  Expires 2020)
Div. Dir. Network Development - CHI Health
12809 West Dodge Rd
Omaha, NE 68154


Kendra Brown 
(Filling Out Term that Expires 2019)
Director of Nursing
Kearney County Hospital
727 East First Street
Minden, NE 68959



Grant Brueggemann
(Term 1  Expires 2021)
Director, Southeast District Health Department
1315 S 3rd Street
Nebraska City, NE 68410


Leslie Marsh
(Term 2  Expires 2019)
Chief Executive Officer
Lexington Regional Medical Center
1201 N. Erie
Lexington, Nebraska 68850



Laura McDougall
(Term 1 Expires 2019)
Executive Director
Four Corners Health Department
2101 N. Lincoln Ave.
York, NE 68467


Manuela Wolf
(Term 1  Expires 2020)
Memorial Community Hospital, CEO
810 N. 22nd Street
Blair, NE 68008


Terri Lannan, Clinic Administrator

Terri Lannan

(Term 2 Expires 2020)
Clinic Administrator
Seward Family Medical Center
250 North Columbia Avenue
Seward, NE 68434


Heather Harris-Ockinga
(Filling Out Term that Expires 2020)
317 N Webster St
Red Cloud, NE 6897



Margaret Woeppel
(Term 2  Expires 2019)
Vice President, Quality Initiatives
Nebraska Hospital Association
3255 Salt Creek Circle, Suite 100
Lincoln, NE 68504


Nicole Carritt
(Term 1  Expires 2021)
UNMC - AHEC Program
983075 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198


Theresa Hansen, APRN
(Term 1  Expires 2021)
Avera Medical Group - Creighton
55475 888 Road
Crofton NE 68730


Mirya Hallock 
(Term 1  Expires 2021)
Hospital Administrator
Webster County Community Hospital
621 N Franklin Street
Red Cloud, NE 68970

Are you interested in serving on the NERHA Board of Directors?

Individual members can nominate someone or themselves at anytime prior to August 1st of each year. At that time, the NERHA will openly solicit nominations for the Board of Directors from the general membership. Each nominee must fill out the form below which includes a list of questions to be answered by all nominees that shall serve the purpose of demonstrating both their qualifications and interest in the offices or positions. Failure to respond to any or all of these questions is cause for an individual’s name to be removed from nomination.

All nominations are forwarded to the NERHA President–Elect who will present in writing to the NERHA Executive Committee a slate of nominations on or before September 15th of each year. In approving the slate to be presented to the membership, the executive committee shall keep in mind the importance of leadership that is broadly representative of the professional, institutional, geographic, ethnic and racial makeup of rural health.

The executive director will present in writing to the membership a slate of candidates approved by the Executive Committee on or before October 15th each year. Each member, in good standing, shall have the opportunity to vote in the election through an electronic method made available by the Association.

Results are announced by December 1st of each year,