Where the jobs are: Rural hospitals desperately need more nurses

Nursing has never been an easy job, but with staffing shortages and patients piling up, the gig is getting tougher across the country. Navicent Health in the small community Macon, Georgia, is the second-largest hospital in the state. Located just an hour outside of Atlanta, the hospital has...
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Rural Hospital Grows and Renovates to Meet Needs of Community

Lexington Regional Health Center located in Lexington, Nebraska currently operates a 25 bed acute care hospital, physician’s clinic, pharmacy, community health and fitness center, and a retirement village.  The hospital, originally constructed in 1976, was initially focused on inpatient services.  Hospital services have now shifted to focus primarily on outpatient services to meet...
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A Public Health Crisis In Rural America

Since the turn of the century, we’ve seen an interesting and troubling new trend — one that I don’t think anyone else predicted beforehand. And it’s only received mainstream attention in the past year or two. I’m talking about the simultaneous rise in mortality rates and decline...
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